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Imaging Design

114足球直播 www.logam.com.cn Imaging Design is a professional interior design and construction drawing deepening firm. We also keep focus on commercial design such as hospitality and shopping center within China.

Many of our designers have experiences that cooperate with international design teams. Since 2012, we started to provide construction drawing deepening service for international companies from Japan and United States. All of the projects were completed effectively with high quality and gained positive feedbacks.

We believe that we are able to help international design firms to explore Chinese market as China is developing rapidly.


We know well about Chinese clients.

We know well about workflow of international design firms.

We are highly professional.

We have advantage in human capital.

We know well about markets which includes suppliers and other subcontract partners.

We can provide impeccable deepening construction drawings to help international design firms to complete their projects perfectly within China.

Service Overview

Hotels(we have experience in deepening construction drawings of 5-star hotels), offices, catering and entertainment, chamber and villas, etc.

We are more competitive than others because of our cost-effective, high quality design concepts, construction drawings, efficiency of operations. Providing you high-quality and efficient services at lower prices.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you and become long-term partners with our sincerity and enthusiasm.

contact us

TELPHONE  /  (86)400-0809-061
FAX  /  (86)
EMAIL  /  [email protected]
ADDRESS  /  No. 318, Quancheng Road , JiNan city ,ShanDong Province

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